Tuesday, February 12, 2013

7 Quick Takes

Hello All:

1. At mass last weekend, during the Great Amen, Mark was singing along by singing "Ironman" instead of "Amen."   I think he's got it.

2. This past weekend, Mark, Joey and I were headed out the door to the grocery store when Mark asked to wear his Batman muscles and mask (encouraged by Daddy).  I thought, what the heck... let's do it.  So we put on his costume and off we went to the grocery store.  You will be amazed at the double-takes you will get when you have a child in a mask, cape and muscles.  Here's a sample of how it went.  We had several people stop us and say how cute Mark was to which Mark responded "I BatMark.  I cute, I tough, I have muscles!"  Yes... yes you are, Marko.

3. Joey's newest trick is that he can climb up in the window seat.  He loves to watch the squirrels run around in the front yard.   I always wonder what my neighbors think...

4. Seriously... is there anything better than baby kisses?  Joey is very modest when it comes to who he will give kisses to.  So far, it's just Momma and on occasion Daddy and Big Brother (and sometimes even Abeldog's tail or foot), but when he gives them... they are passionate.  Slobbery, sweet, giggily and passionate.  

5. While making Mark's lunch the other day (I was making him a pepperoni and mushroom mini-pizza), Mark looked at a mushroom and asked what it was.  When I told him it was a mushroom, he immediately put it above his lip and said "Mustache.  Ok!" While nodding his head.  It was as if he was sure it was a mustache before he asked me, but then confirmed it when he thought that is what I said.  He is a hilarious child.

6. I'm sure none of you have heard, but Pope Benedict XVI is resigning this month due to health issues.  It is so crazy to think that at (almost) 28 years old, I will have already lived to see three Popes!  I'm trying to dig out some old pictures from when we were in Rome during the last change of Popes.  I wish we could be there again.  That was such an amazing experience!  For the official statement from Pope Benedict XVI, click here.  

7. The theme for this week's "This Is Our Life" photography link up was "Good Morning".  Here are the images I submitted for it: Joey in the morning and Abeldog anxiously (not patiently) begging for breakfast.


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  1. i love your Batman in the grocery store pictures! seeing him would definitely make for a more fun grocery store trip!


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